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Dear friends of St. Luke UMC,

The Discernment Town Hall Meeting will be Tuesday, April 25th at 6:00pm in the Sanctuary. The meeting’s primary focus will include a discussion of the range of theological differences across the UMC. If you have questions about this topic ahead of the meeting please send them by email to Rick Jones at Meantime, continue to remain prayerful for the church and the members of the discernment committee. We hope to see you then on Tuesday, April 25th at 6:00pm in the church sanctuary.


Richard Cheshire on 05-16-2023 at 10:16 AM
When a church has gone through the discernment process and decides to disaffiliate, what are the criteria used by the Conference in deciding whether to honor or deny the request? Are they theological, financial, geographical, political? Does the number of churches desiring to disaffiliate at the same time come into consideration?
Vern Myers on 02-22-2023 at 8:18 PM
I thought the discernment team did an excellent job last night with your communications. I’m very confused with the theological issues you mentioned and their tie to the Bishops guidelines which seem to only address financial issues. Hopefully you will address this in your next meeting.
Sharon Sturdivant on 02-06-2023 at 11:55 AM
The February 21 meeting date is scheduled for the week of winter break for Darlington County school district and local private schools. Several St. Luke families will be out of town on previously scheduled trips. Could the February 21 meeting be held in the sanctuary and streamed so that these people may listen to this meeting? Also for those members who have hearing problems, the sanctuary is better suited as far as acoustics. Thank you for your consideration.
2. Since St. Luke will not meet Bishop Holston’s deadline for disaffiliation approval at this year’s conference, when would we be able to apply if the church membership decides to disaffiliate?
Richard Cheshire on 02-05-2023 at 6:19 PM
Are any of the "disobedient" (to use Bishop Jones' of TX word) churches, those rejecting the Book of Discipline, considering leaving the denomination with which they no longer agree? If I read Bishop Holston's letter correctly, South Carolina churches can only disaffiliate using paragraph 2553 if we disagree with the Book of Discipline's language or the Conference's interpretation of it. Is not the issue facing us whether we disagree with churches which are not adhering to the book of Discipline? Given this, why would St Luke (or any faithful United Methodist Church) consider disaffiliation?
Mary Frances Black on 02-01-2023 at 9:07 PM
Will a link be provided to study the research materials before the meeting on the 23rd of February?
Pastor Charles on 01-30-2023 at 3:53 PM
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